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Who am I?

I love to eat.   I hate celery sticks.

I do not believe we should be condemned to boring, tasteless food in order to maintain or lose weight. Agreeing to eat anything but food we love is a set-up for failure. Traditional diets betray us by telling us to eat food such as celery sticks instead of teaching us how to eat real food in a reasonable, balanced manner. Conventional weight loss plans expect us to avoid temptation. I want to teach you how to face it, with ease and confidence. And win.

My goal is to get you to your goal with as little pain and as much education, guidance, support, and smiles along the way. I do this because I am just like you, and I want to bring you to a better, happier, saner place. A place where YOU are in front of your food and in control, so food is not in control of you.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a little kid?

I do.

I wanted to be a diet-inventor.

Crazy, huh? Totally true. Ask my 7th grade teacher.

Because by the time I was a chubby 13 year old, I had already been on lots of diets. And even at my young age, I quickly learned that something was very very wrong with what diets were telling us. Because, quite simply, they did not work.

I grew up in a French-American family where at breakfast we happily discussed what we were eating for lunch. And at lunch, with passion, we would plan our fabulous dinners. Food was very important and I learned to love the art of eating, cooking, and dining out. I missed the art of balance somewhere along the way, and struggled for too many years in the tight insane hold of crazy fads, the latest gimmicks, and yo-yo dieting.

The crazy, aggravating, disappointing and brutal weight loss/gain roller-coaster ruled my life. I am quite sure I would have made much better, healthier and happier choices for myself, if I was not stuck on the diet merry-go-round. It took years before I figured out how to get off the ride.

I have worked for the past 15 years as a Personal Trainer with hundreds just like you, and their success, like yours, is what makes my soul sing. I did learn though that a serious chronic link exists that stands in the way of losing weight and keeping it off permanently. It involves the connection between food and fitness.

While I can instruct you to perform a thousand planks on your way to flat abs, without addressing what you put in your mouth, it’s like sending your kid out in the freezing snow with a hat but no mittens, and I am not good with that. I like to promise results and know that addressing the factors of food and fitness simultaneously effectively creates the successful combination. One that equals results. Real results you can see, feel and own. FOREVER.

Another common thread I found is that we all need guidance coupled with sincere support. I know too that having someone in your corner makes THE vital difference between success and failure. I want to be that person for you.

That is who I am.

And now, for the other BIO:

Brigitte Weil was raised in Northern New Jersey, 30 minutes outside of Manhattan. Weekends were spent with her family and friends exploring the vast food culture of NYC. Summers were spent with her Grandparents in Paris, where another vast food culture was devoured. Not surprisingly, Brigitte chose to attend The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY, and went on to work in Paris as a pastry chef. Back in NYC after several years, Brigitte landed a job at Dean and Deluca, the specialty food emporium where she had a most enviable job as a Buyer, responsible for sourcing out (after tasting, of course) the very best chocolates, breads, pastries, and candies. While working at the specialty food store, Brigitte developed a unique recipe for a Brownie, which later launched Brigitte’s Brownies, a mail order-based brownie company that began in NYC and expanded to Bucks County, PA. After 10 successful years, Brigitte sold the company to be a stay-at-home Mom to her two beautiful daughters. Happy but frustrated with a 65 lb weight gain, Brigitte sought out the assistance of a personal trainer, and the rest is history. Blown away by the potential power of the relationship laid the groundwork for Brigitte’s next step to get certified to do the same for others. Combining her personal diet experiences, professional cooking training, and new cutting-edge fitness education, b-FIT was born followed by the I HATE CELERY STICKS STRATEGY.

Brigitte remains committed to developing products and services that support her philosophy of combining her passion of food and fitness with balance to create the life we desire.

Feel free to contact me at: Brigitte@IHateCelerySticks.com

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